Since 2003, Momentum New Media has successfully launched many businesses into the online world. Our innovative approach to creating an online solution for our clients has enabled us to work on some unique projects and meet some incredible people. Our approach is not merely one of customer and client, but rather a partnership that is there to create an atmosphere of success for any type of business that is looking for an online presence. Our team takes the time to research and understand the market that is being entered, or in which the business already exists, and develops a strategy that will result in success. Our Websites are unique hand-tailored solutions that leave a lasting impression on anyone who uses them. Many design firms often end their projects when a site is launched, whereas for us, this is the start of a lasting relationship. The success of any web presence is based on much more than just the visual appeal, which is why our team works intently with our clients to ensure that the site and services are marketed properly. The site needs to continue to benefit the owner and the target audience long after the initial launch. It is this attitude and approach that separates us from other designers and what makes the solutions that we create successful.

Mission Statement

The Momentum New Media team’s dedication to customer satisfaction is what sets us apart and makes us the right choice for your project. We work hard to create exceptional, cost-effective and profitable results with the assets provided to us by our clients. We are the clear choice for businesses and individuals looking to define an online presence. We believe that our work and the lasting relationships we have created are the only true ways to measure our success as a web design & development firm. Until our clients are satisfied with their project results, we are not satisfied.